There are times in the life of a company or organization when things are not going as planned. When a once profitable and successful enterprise is not quite so profitable or profits are fast becoming a thing of the past. When a relationship with an investor or lender is strained. When the ability to raise funds is impaired. When partners don’t see eye-to-eye. When growth is stagnant or market conditions and competitive forces seems too great. When it’s time to consider selling, merging, and/or forming a strategic alliance. When a change of ownership or leadership may be needed. The keen executive sees certain triggering events or patterns forming that signal a need to reject the status quo and chart a new course of action.

It is at times like these when Innovative Strategic Management can help. Innovative Strategic Management is led by Howard Kahn, a seasoned executive with 30 years of experience in turn-around management, corporate renewal, general management, sales, marketing, and business development. We work hand-in-hand with business owners and senior management in a multi-dimensional, multi-disciplinary process to neutralize threats, create efficient operations, reduce operating costs, stimulate growth, reinvigorate the brand, maximize profitability and restore the vitality of the enterprise. We offer and bring together comprehensive resources that help organizations achieve their objectives. When appropriate, we create and implement innovative strategic alternatives, originate transactions, and/or raise capital.

The leadership of an organization often is constrained from creating a new vision by the day-to-day challenges of running an enterprise, especially an enterprise that is in a period of volatility. Innovative Strategic Management brings broad experience from diverse industries and engagements that expand and enhance the in-house management capital of an enterprise. We help our clients envision what can be and then we help them develop that vision.

Our approach and unique collaborative style allows for immediate identification of problem areas, creative strategies to deal with them, followed by quick and effective change. There are no boiler plates, no pat answers, no band-aids – just an in-depth analysis of the business, the challenges it faces, and a unique creative ability to get to the root cause of problems and overcome them. We work alongside of our clients to devise, implement, and execute a strategic program for success.

Every initiative recommended has a measurable outcome and our recommendations, taken as a whole, typically lead to increased profitability and enterprise value. Innovative Strategic Management’s clients are often CEO’s of middle-market companies. Our services are often sought by Private Equity Funds, Hedge Funds, and other investment groups. We have also provided services to not-for-profits, as well as government and quasi-government entities.

We welcome the opportunity to confidentially review your needs and discuss how we can be of service.